We just finished our AMA with tnos coins

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it’s answer :

we are a team of experts specialised in multi technologies like networking, cyber security and block chain

we did not conducted any pre sale , it’s currently introduced on tokpie crypto exchange! Token distribution in form of airdrop and rewards.

As coin is new to market - we are in process of getting tokens development and bringing it to exchange to achieve our first milestones before marketing phase.

we are in process of partnership with cyber security firms which is our next phase.

Yes, they play a major role! We used to get feedback’s and they looking for a platform where experts can join and collaborate and contribute to project in next phases.

We listen to them and in process of implementing such platform in which is a subscription based model.

TNOS will be integrated to that platform.

Most crypto are forked from existing chains and we decided to go with ethereum block chain as it’s a stable platform and we follow a life cycle which is listed on our white paper starting from code implementation to production and audits! This is to protect our end customers! Most times users get hacked as hacker look for a vulnerability! We also provide some educational videos to our end customer s so that they aware of it and follow the best practises!.

Today most of us one or the other way connected to unsecured internet ! It can be a personal computer or mobile device ! As you know your wallets are exposed to unsecured networks! We as a community can do lot of thing to fix the pain points by collaborating experts who are experienced in the industry to work together for the betterment of people and their resources ! Together we can win !.

Empowering Platform Development , Increasing Token Price&Value,Expanding Partnership Globally and Building Community Trust

APAC EMEA then next phases to wards global.

Most short term projects die as they don’t have an end goal! We look for long term and we are here to stay!.

We provide rewards for those who contribute to the project.

We hear you and takes your feedback and make decisions.

That’s true, our Team comprise of more than 15 years experience in networking and cyber security!