We just finished our AMA with moonscope

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it's answer :

Q1: Can you. Kindly Introduce yourself and moonscope project to our community

Well first off we want to say we hope everybody is doing well and we are very happy to introduce our project to you guys. Moonscope is a deflationary token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain meaning there are virtually no gas fees and almost instantaneous swaps This is a token that rewards holders and punishes sellers, which can encourage a steadier price action.
Moonscope is a community project, meaning that the community will be involved in the development of the project, each member will be able to participate in discussions and submit ideas.

Moonscopes main goal is to tap into the space industry and provide a novel NFT marketplace where users will be able to buy, sell, swap and collect exclusive space photos giving space photographers a place to sell their work.

Q2: Partnership is like a supplement where the combined effect is beyond the individual level. Can u name some of recent partnerships that can help to your project? Is there any partners that will take place in the near future? Can u tell us with who?

Yes partnerships are key and we have connections to some massive influencers and celebrities. We have deals in the work with some big names including some gamers from the faze clan. At this time we are not able to share some of the deals we have in place to to NDAS until 1,000 holders. We just recently launched and we currently only have 50 holders this is the first promotion we have done. At 1,000 holders we are giving away 10 million Moonscope as well.

Q3: What is the strongest advantage that you think will make this team lead the market? in contrast, what weaknesses do you have and how does the team plan to overcome them?

The strong advantages we have are the connections we have to really make this project go viral. At this time we are staying anonymous but at 1k holders we are also revealing our team to the world. One of us has 2 phds and has been working in crypto for years. One of our weaknesses is getting whales to invest right off the start. We need some whales to get the coin marked on volume charts as a top trading coin but we know this will come once our promo starts.

Q4: Can you briefly explain the top milestones implemented by the #MoonScope before the end of this year or in the future, how will help them succeed, and what the #MoonScope will look like in 2022 and beyond?

We are developing our nft platform as we speak. A beta will be out in roughly a month. We think nfts are here to stay so we plan to take over to space industry nft side of things. 2022 continuous growth.

Q5: too many projects promising bright hopes for the future. but never released a product that worked or proved any revenue, can you tell us, What makes the spaceSharks different from other projects?

Well we are not space sharks. But what makes us different is that liquidity is locked for 100 years so there is a guarantee of no rug pull. Which keeps everybody safe. As well as 2.5% of buys and sells are distributed to holders and another 5% gets locked into liquidity.

Q6: What can we expect to see from this project in the short-term (at some point in 2021) and beyond (long-term goals)?

In short team we expect everyone who invests to see massive returns on their investment. Long term even greater returns while feeling safe with locked liquidity.

Q7: As a long term investor what i will gain from holding MONOSCOPE token?...what is the advantages of holding MONOSCOPE for long term investors?

You will receive more tokens overtime from just holding which will increase your investment automatically.

Q8: Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?

We are through pancakeswap and bnb which is very secure. We also have locked liquidity which makes investments safe.

Q9: How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Follow our Twitter. Today we are going to tweet our hashtag #moonscopecrypto and we are going to try to trend on Twitter.

Q10: Do you plan to make new partnerships in the near future?

Very very big partnerships being announced at 1k holders.

Q11: What is the strategy used by Your Project to attract new users and investors and keep them in the long term?

Promotion, giveaways and rewards. The investor is our main priority.



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