We just finished our AMA with Lepricon.io and our guest Phil Ingram (CMO of Lepricoinio)

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it`s answer :

Q1: Can you Kindly Introduce your self and Lepricon project to our community ?

My name is Phil and I am the Chief Marketing Officer for Lepricon and I am based in Hong Kong.

I am not originally from crypto - I am a brand marketer by trade and came from the travel industry. Of course there is not much of a travel industry any more. Anyway, this is my first journey into crypto - but I joined because it is aimed at the mainstream market, not just the core cruypto audience.

About Lepricon:

Lepricon is a gaming platform. Primarily hyper-casual games, mostly on mobile. Some are what we call play and some are what we call predict, games where you guess or predict what will happen next, I will talk a bit more about that later.

On the other hand - we are a blockchain based company. We have our own token called L3P and we will soon be lauching native staking and LP (unidwap) staking and have things like a lucky dip where you can win really interesting prizes.

So we combine gaming with DeFi - so whereas in the past in-game currencies are just numbers in a database, our in-game currency across the enture platform (think of it like an App store) is blockchain -based.

One of the problems with DeFi is that it is hard to market outside of the community. If you talk to an "ordinary" person about crypto currency or NFTs they will not understand.

But, gamers, and there are a lot of them, understand in-game currencies , in-app purchases and special game items and power ups.

We think gaming is the first indsutry that can take blockchain solutions mainstream - the first killer app if you will - because the language gamers understand directly matches the language we use.

An ingame currency can be put on chain - then it belongs to the player and can be taken out of the game and cannot be taken away by the owner of the game.

An in-game item becomes an NFT. This is how you make blockchain mainstream, by presenting it in a way that intersects with how people actually spend their time.

Q2: i read in your website that you mention the "circular token economy"Can you gives us some detail and information of what does it mean?And how does it work in your platform?

we have two sides to our platform - on one side we have the gaming platform, our app store, where people play games and our in-game currency is our utility token $L3P - the other side of the business is our DeFi side - where holder sof L3P can stake and earn, or swap etc.

People who play games do not have to use DeFi and people who use our token to earn rewards do not have to play games - one side powers the other and keeps the engine running. That is answer part a)

Answer b) is that we use a buy back and make model. We will use revenue from our operation and some of that revenue will be used to buy L3P back from the open market. This has the effect of removing L3P from circulation (which is good for the price) and putting it back into staking rewards so we are always replenishing our rewards pool.

These two things together are what we refer to as our circular token economy.

And thank you to the questioner for digging deep to find that question!

Q3: Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How did Your project prevent early investors from selling their tokens and what benefits you would give them?

Part a:

We launced our token on March 17th - so we have been live on Uniswap for one week now. We are building our platform so to provide immediate utility and to prevent people rom dumping we partnered with MANTRA DAO and created a staking pool with a high yield - it is currenlty at about 200%. It is an auto-compounding stake so rewards are added to the principal automatically. We managed to get 42% of all tokens in circulation into staking - which was a miracle! But it has helped support the price. We did take a dip last night when we unlocked some private investor tokens but that happens - we can only try to reduce the effect.

Part b:

Our unlock mechanism is a little different. We don't unlock the tokens once a month and air drop them. Instead, we have already sent all of tokens to investors so that they are in their wallets locked. Our smart contract releases a handful every twelve hours. In effect, the unlock happens in 60 parts each month instead of one big dump. They still get their tokens, but drip by drip. That is our other way of protecting the market from quick sellers.

Q4: Community is critical to the long term success of any project. Did #Lepricon take into account community feedback when building the project? How can community get involved in #Lepricon project and events?

we have a great community, although they can be a little impatient sometimes!

Our intention is to transfer from the executive led team we have now, which is necessary to get our platform and game develpoment off the ground. But we intend to transition to a DAO structure in time, Holding L3P will give you the right to make proposals, and vote on those proposals. We will in time relinquish our C titles and become council members of the foundation that runs Lepricon. THe voice of the community will grow as we move in that direction.

We have our telegram group and we actively engage with the communuty in there and they have plenty of suggestions! So we do listen and try and answer as many questions as we can.

Q5: Currently attracting real users and mass Adoption is a problem for Blockchain projects. So how will $L3P solve this problem?

I think I accidentally answered this question above!

We think of ourselves as a game company, rather than a blockchain compoany. An example might be if you use Evernote. You don't use Evernote because it uses SQLite as its database. You use it because it is a great note taking app.

The same for us. We use blockchain because we want to demonstrate that it completely changes how gaming companies build relationships with their players. But we will have players because we have great games, not because we are in crypto.

So the marketing is all about the games and the experience. And this is why we believe it is a company like us that can help solve the user adoption problem crypto has had since it first came about.

Q6: The Shamrock Protocol gives special tokens to the users that perform positive actions ? So can you explain what are the benefits for have these "special tokens"? What kind of stuff can I do with them?

The Shamrock protocol is our reputation management system. It measures positive actions in the community,

The most concise description of this is that it awards points to the wallet addresses that perform positive actions on the Lepricon platform. Stake L3P and the system will notice. Stake even more L3P, and the system will see that too. Propose or vote on proposals, and the system will record those actions. In time the protocol will award those who rise to the top of the positivity leaderboard. Those rewards might be unique NFTs or airdrops of L3P.

People with the highest positivity score might even be awarded seats on the advisory council.

Q7: Do you have a plan to identify your team later?Almost every investor is interested in large Defi projects as it delivers high returns and is fast. For what reasons can convince small and large investors to trust and invest in your project?

Hi - actually we have identified our team. Our CEO, Josh, has over 20 years in the game industry working on AAA and mobile games. I have 30 years in marketing. One of our advisors was the project lead to launch the first Xbox console in Asia and another was the project lead for Cryptokitties in Asia. It is a very strong team, all shown on our website and all with their linkedin profiles shown.

Q8: What can we expect to see from this project in the short-term (at some point in 2021) and beyond (long-term goals)?

on April 17th we will launch our native staking pool. We just conduected an NFT sale and those NFTs offer yield boosters. We will also launch our lucky dip where people can win an NFT that represents a real piece of gold - that they can keep (the NFT) or sell for the spot price in USDT, or have shipped and redeem

And of April we launch our first game called KQJ - a prediction game where you can win discounted bitcoin.

Also working on implementing the first iteration of our governance DAO, and the Shamrock Protocol. A very busy next couple of months.

Q9: Doing AMA have proven to be the best means to attract investors What's other marketing strategy are in place to get this project known?

I do a lot of AMAs but I love reaching out to new communities. And communities are made of people. So I do as many of these as I can. At horrible times too (I am in Hong Kong and it is 12:52 AM right now)

Also we work with influencers on twitter and YouTube and we do a lot of PR to name a couple of activities where we invest quite a lot of resources.

Q10: A partnership is essential for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have now and in the future?

We have a number of partners - we partner with MANTRA DAO to offer staking (they also invested in us) - we partner with Rio DeFi who are building a Polkadot Parachain - we will be able to process over 3000 transactions per second for next to nothing gas fees - cant do that on Ethereum.

We partner with Blockwell who built all our smart contracts, Hex Trust who are our custodian for all of our investment money and where we will keep tokens that are not in circulation.

Q11: We often come across users who attempt to cheat on game platforms. Is there a powerful mechanism to prevent cheating and detect cheaters on the Lepricon platform?

And this is why blockchain is awesome. Everything is on chain. Everything is provably fair if it is transparent and can be examined. OUr random number generator is on-chain! So, we are ready for the cheaters. I hope they are ready for us 😎



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