We just finished our AMA with DeCredit

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it’s answer :

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9 min readOct 12, 2021

Q1: Can you Kindly Introduce yourself to our community?

I am Jennifer, COO of the DeCredit project. I am a early crypto lover, and has been focusing on this field for about 5 years. It's my pleasure to here to share you about DeCredit

Q2: What is DeCredits All about and what problems are you trying to solve?

DeCredit is a DeFi 2.0 protocol that empowers the DeFi market by introducing the credit loan models.

It links credit authentication nodes and credit Oracle to lending products on the premise of existing encrypted collateralised loan models, with a view to progressively reduce and finally eliminate collaterals, enabling staggered resource allocation and enabling the blockchain paradigm to inclusively empower the traditional financial lending sector.

By doing this, DeCredit leverages the tremendous momentum generated by DeFi to provide liquidity support to a wider range of entities and individuals.

We are aim to address the issue of the limited application range of credit loan due to the lack of off-chain credit data introduction.

Q3: Can you tell us about the best milestone you have ever achieve and also your main focus right now?

As for products, our credit-based decentralized lending products have been developed and the testnet events have been completed successfully with more than ten thousands of people join in.

In terms of marketing part, we have reached strategic partnerships with Litentry, Crust, Labs, Weblock and Parami, and cooperated with KOLs and communities in many countries.

We have also issued public offering with Duckstarter and Flybit, two well-known IDO platforms, all the processes went smoothly.

As for operation, our community and Twitter have reached 90k and 66k respectively, and the community ambassador recruitment and daily quiz game are held in the group for each user to join DeCredit.

In the near future, we will be listed on CEX (Bitmart) and DEX, and recruit more volunteers, KOLs to boost our brand, let’s stay tuned!.

Q4: Can you give us an overview about the CDTC Tokenomic?

CDTC is the governance token on DeCredit and holding CDTC means the right to govern the DeCredit system.

With great recognition and value in the DeCredit ecosystem, CDTC is defined as the public token (platform token) that circulates throughout the entire DeCredit. And CDTC has a pivotal role in both the scenario and the wallet ecosystem

CDTC will issue a total of 300 million pieces, distributed as follows:

25% of the total amount (75 million CDTCs) will be used to support the ecosystem development of credit loans and provide ecological support for the lending and borrowing entities.

20% of the total amount (60 million CDTCs), node pledge and liquidity mining.

12% of the total amount (36million CDTCs), market and community governance, used for community construction, publicity and promotion, brand building, node incentive

20% of the total amount ( 60 million CDTCs) will be used for team consultants, early investors, and early eco-supporters.

18% of the total amount (54 million CDTCs) will be used for token sale

5% of the total amount (15million CDTCs) will be used for Airdrop treasury

Q5: I noticed you’ve done a lot of AMAs. My question is, what do you hope to gain from doing so many AMAs, and what are your community goals? Do you think the community plays an important part in the project?

We always value our community as they really play a very important part in DeCredit future development. The users who hold the CDTC have the governance rights in our community like voting or setting fixed interest rates, and by this way, to achieve a community autonomous atmosphere in our whole community ecosystem

Also, we provide 7*24 customer service in our TG group. And we have a daily quiz game for everyone to join and get the rewards. Currently, we have issued the community ambassador program for all the members to join in and become a part of the DeCredit.

Q6: Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new Defi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

Our smart contract has passed audit by the Knownsec Blockchain Lab recently, which is a very professional audit company.

As for the audit report, you can check it on mainnet interface after the mainnet get launched.

Q7: Currently, most investors only focus on price of token in short-term instead of the real value of project. Could you tell us the benefits of holding your token for long-term?

Here are 4 reasons to hold CDTC tokens:

1. Holding the CDTC could increase the credit scores so that to increase mortgage rate.

2. Stake CTDC in our platform could earn more CDTC income

3. Stake CDTC could claim airdrop tokens.

4. Governance rights of holding CDTC include:
l Voting on major matters, including the Credit Loan project
l Addition of new cryptocurrencies or stablecoins
l Adjusting variable interest rates
l Setting fixed interest rates
l Oracle services
l Product rule improvements
l Rating score rule changes
l Rating level adjustments
l Improvements/suggestions

Q8: Can you tell about DeCredit project listing plans?Specially the ones involving major exchanges , CEX and DEX. What types Partnerships you are looking for and what values would they bring ?

We’re thrilled to announce a successful exclusive primary listing of the DeCredit token (CDTC) on Bitmart !!

The CDTC/USDT trading pair will be available soon!


Deposit :10/8/2021 5:00 AM (EDT)
Trading: 10/9/2021 5:00 AM (EDT)
Withdraw:10/10/2021 5:00 AM (EDT)

DeCredit to the moon 🚀


And for partnerships, credit has a wild application range, so we welcome all kinds of projects in the crypto area to reach possible relations with us.

Q9: As I was digging deeper into DeCredit’s website, I saw that DeCredit is somehow related to Labs Group. Can you tell me what is the role that Labs Group is fulfilling in the ecosystem of DeCredit? Can you explain to us more about the mission and vision of DeCredit?

LABS Group is world's first end to end blockchain powered real estate investment ecosystem. And they want to make real estate investment possible for everyone.In order for this to happen, they need to resolve the few core pain points of real estate investment, namely the lack of liquidity, high involvement costs and difficulty in cross border investments.

As they want to be able to allow users to stake their real estate tokens and then borrow against them, so that users can reinvest and hence financial leveraging. Hence collateralized lending platform is the best solution for financial leveraging on real estate assets. Thus, with this demand, we have reached a partnership.

We can check the picture above to know more:
1.DeCredit is a decentralized lending program powered by a credit oracle that matches peer-to-peer and user-to-user ending behavior on a blockchain network. DeCredit’s stable-coin lending pool is available for this collaboration with LABS Group.
2. LABS Group mints the property rights or titles of its housing assets to NFTs and deposits them into DeCredit’s pledge pool. Meanwhile the credit data of the asset holder is sent to DeCredit oracle for rating benefitting the lending from DeCredit’s borrowing pool with optimized liquidity.
3. LABS Group then converts the borrowed funds into fiat money and gives it to LendCo.
4. LendCo allocates funds to different t real estate projects.
5. When the investment cycle ends, LABS Groups returns funds back to DeCredit and redeems the collaterals.

DeCredit is committed to leading the DeFi protocol 2.0 market. DeCredit extends the crypto-collateralised lending model with a credit-based lending model, aiming to introduce off-chain credit ratings to the DeCredit platform using credit authentication nodes and Oracle machines to provide differentiated lending limits and interest rates based on on-chain and off-chain credit assessments, bringing more lending markets into the market.

Q10: Partnerships are crucial for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have currently and future partnerships ?

We have officially announced the partnership with Litentry, Crust, Labs, Parami and Weblock as so far. For example, we will work with Litentry, a decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities across multiple networks to harness the potential of decentralized credit in the transformation of lending.


As for Crust, they will collaborate with DeCredit as a storage infrastructure and solution, which will allow DeCredit to quickly and reliably store credit data and protect privacy.


As credit can be applied in many scenarios, so DeCredit welcome all the partners from this field to reach possible cooperation with us, especially for the NFT, Metaverse, etc.

Q11: Where can I buy your tokens now,, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits ?

CDTC will be listed on Bitmart soon!
Deposit :10/8/2021 5:00 AM (EDT)
Trading: 10/9/2021 5:00 AM (EDT)
Withdraw:10/10/2021 5:00 AM (EDT)

Contract address: 0x0fAf802036E30B4b58a20C359012821152872397

Q12: Many people want to learn about your project but they have problem with English, so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have a Marketing strategy aimed at developing many different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, ... about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand Project?

Yeah, we have that plan, and will spread our market to Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, etc. And recently, we have just created the Korean community.

Q13: Can you list 1-2 killer features, DeCreditenglish of this project, that makes it ahead of its competitors?

  1. Our advantages are mainly in these aspects.
    we are the world first protocol to build "on-chain and off chain " omni-channel lending scenario.
  2. we are the first project realized regional level and global level credit oracle.
  3. Our biggest foundation is that our team has deeply engaged in credit investigation market for many years and has rich industry resources in credit investigation protocol, big data credit investigation, industrial fund, data risk control, etc.

Q14: Security is the most important thing to consider want starting up a project, how secured is this project for users and investors?

Security is always our priority, and in order to protect the user's data, we first need to ensure that the data is not publicly available, but the user's credit data is so personal that even if it is stored on the DeCredit project's servers there is no guarantee that only the user will know about it. While if it is placed on the blockchain, the data volume would be too great a burden on the blockchain.
Considering this, we use the "off-chain data storage plus on-chain DNA fingerprinting" approach, where we store the hash value, which is the proof of the authenticity of the data on the blockchain, and the hash value of the same offline file is exactly the same. When a call is required, a pointer to the hash operation shall be presented, then the data will be retrieved and proof is provided by comparison.
The solution to satisfy the right to erasure is the following: the DNA values of personal data are stored in the DeCredit chain. This is encrypted using a triple key, one proprietary to DeCredit, one persistent Persistence key and one held by the user, whose encryption algorithm is AES256GCM, where the Persistence key is generated by the smart contract and stored on the server, as shown in the diagram. If a user exercises the right of deletion and requests that the information on the chain be removed, this can be done by destroying the Persistence key, which is encrypted with AES256GCM.