We just finished our AMA with Centralex

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it’s answer :

Q1: Can you Kindly Introduce yourselves and Centralex project to our community?

Hi everyone! My name is Tristan Roozendaal and I am the CEO of Centralex. I have been working in the I.T sector for approx. 15 years from building network infrastructures to complete datacenters. I joined the crypto world back in 2017 when I started building my own mining rigs which expanded to a medium size mining farm with over 150 mining rigs in Hong Kong. My goal is to take Centralex to the next level by introducing methods of mass adoption with the ease of use in crypto transactions by using the Centralex Exchange.

Hello Community, my name is Marin I am part of the founding team and currently serve as the current Chief Strategic officer at Centralex. I am a well-experienced entrepreneur on multiple executive levels with a demonstrated history of working in the IT, e-commerce, and entertainment industries. I have been involved in the crypto space since the Ethereum genesis block in mid-2015 and continue to pursue this passion.

Q2: one of the greatest aspects of project success is community support. And most of the big projects have programs that interact with their users. My questions Do you have any specific plans to attract and expand your community and improve the user experience?

That’s a very good question, We need all of you to stand on the roof and shout it out loud! We need community members who believe in this project, sure we have a plan to be on billboards and busses, but we also know the inherent value of community, Centralex is built by the people for the people. This alongside major partnerships, we aim to personalise our services by the localisation of our products which would be a major thing for marketing globally.

We are aiming globally, where our marketing efforts would be adjusted to this strategy in mind. We have different entities in countries all over the world and we aim to expand this at a quick pace. We are localizing all products in order to make Centralex feel like home for anyone. We are utilizing nano and micro-influencers to create a strong and engaging community. I hope this answers your question, there is so much to say about Marketing,All these efforts are backed by our products and offerings, we have really tried to make a platform user friendly and offer a unique basket of products. Im sure we will cover this in more detail as we talk further.

Q3: In the world cryptocurrency competition, features are of the utmost importance to attract investors and the community! Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over your project? V

Crypto has evolved from CEX, DEX to Launchpad versions! Centralex brings you a combination of technology, scalability, adoption, and more importantly user convenience on managing transactions, based on the fundamental tenets of anonymity and security like confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Every element of the overall launchpad is designed to achieve one or more of these principles.

Exchanges of all kinds are currently undergoing many inherent issues at a foundation basis. For eg. rugs can easily overshadow the great potential of the crypto ecosystem. We are here to present the community with methods and tools to overcome. Centralex provides you inherent built-in security to overcome these fake currencies.

A few centralised exchanges currently monopolise the crypto market. Giving end-users either limited or no options to exercise the fundamental right of “DECISION MAKING” to invest in what they actually want. Rather the forced down mouth options being provided by these so-called exchanges. Centralex has been created to provide the availability and flexibility that the users essentially need.

Centralex offers a Super-Fast and Secure trade engine (500000+ transactions per second), all of the platform is highly Secured and encrypted wallet infrastructure that has assets partially insured. In order to make the exchange even more interesting, we have affordable trading fees and access to special offerings through the CenX Launchpad.

Centralex will implement many DeFi products as our Centralex solutions called Custo-Defi, merging crypto and traditional banking in one platform which makes us a one stop shop and allows us to give banking accounts to the people who don’t have access to banks... Banking the unbanked.

Q4: What security mechanisms does #CENTRALEX offer that are not already on the market? What will differentiate it from its competitors?

One of the partner companies we work with is Fireblocks, they offer unique security for wallet infrastructure, this includes MPC (Multi party computation) this is a mechanism that ensure transaction are signed and approved by all relevant parties before being issued to the blockchain, ensuring there are no mistakes and funds cannot be stolen. With this infrastructure we don’t have to keep the private key anywhere in our servers thus removing any additional surface attacks. This combined with our monthly pen-testing and audit reports, we have confidence to enter the market knowing we are trying our best to keep our users safe.

Q5: Security is always the top task of projects. But lately, a lot of cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been appropriated by hackers. What security measures does your project have in place to avoid the possibility of being appropriated by hackers?

Fireblocks is one the industry standards with their cutting edge MPC technology and is worth a mention, that in combination with Hacken Audits, Pentesting teams, and Superstar DeV team, we are confident in saying users can feel safe when on the Centralex.A big factor contributing to their safety is the part that we don’t store any private keys. A partnership with Fireblocks provides Centralex with an all-in-one platform to securely scale digital asset operations. The platform is composed of an MPC-based wallet infrastructure and a digital asset transfer network ­– connecting exchange, counterparties, liquidity providers, and FIAT on/off ramps. With a defense-in-depth security system that utilizes patent-pending MPC algorithms with hardware isolation, integration with Fireblocks helps Centralex eliminate the risks associated with digital asset transfers — such as cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error. But we go even further than this.. Not only our platform is secured and wallets are not ran by Centralex but also all our smart contracts are audited by hacken.io to ensure that our contracts are safe without exploits
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We have a very experienced team of developers working within the company, many of which have cyber security expertise, some have worked on sensitive government projects and thus understand the importance of security and discretion at all time, we also collaborate with task forces and organizations around the word that focus on catching criminals and scammers, and we have absolutely no problem in assisting authorities in bringing these bad people to justice.

Q6: Your project wants to provide high quality and cost effective services, based on community participation, so what strategies are you using to create and connect with a community that is truly interested in your project?

We started our marketing campaign around 1.5 month ago and our community has grow very fast and building strong fundamentals toward our end goal.

To be straight to the point, we aim to gain access to 1% of the current market and with large well-funded projects like Kraken or Coinbase on the table, we also know this is going to be a challenge ahead.

Strategically we have been working on many fronts, it's important to note that the launch in May of the initially semi traditional exchange is only the 1st step in long line of planned products, more of which you can read about in our roadmap.

While we have been very busy in the software space developing our technologies to deliver our promise, we have also been structuring our business to span across multiple continents with large diverse teams of movers and shakers, strategically partnering up with some of the best companies ,Fireblocks + Simplex + chainalysis to mention a few, this in combination with our on-the ground strategy leading up to the rollout of Highly specialised Crypto onboarding terminals across Africa, leads us to believe we have a serious set of cards to play on this table.

Q7: Do you have any plans to add Nft’s to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

Yes, Centralex has NFTs and many more DeFI products on our roadmap.

Q8: Are you mainly looking for bigger investors or is your platform friendly also for the smaller investors?

There is no minimum buy in for the CenX presale, so its open to all, as it should be in the crypto world :)

Q9: I did not find any information on your roadmap. Could you tell us what stage you are in and what are the next projects you have planned?

We have very big roadmap with many cool features to implements into our platform. Article.

Q10: How will it be possible to buy coins? Will it be available for any country or will it have restrictions in some countries?

You can participate in the presale on our launchpad, there is a KYC procedure and some restrictions, please get in touch with our team if you are unsure about sanctions in your territory.

Q11: Do you have any plans to add Nft’s to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

We have a NFT marketplace on the Road map.

Q12: What are the percentages of your commissions?

We suggest you look at our referral program, it has incredible rewards for you and all your referrals!.

Q13: In your Medium article, "It is possible to start making profits in just 10 days with a 10% deposit and 10% withdrawal fee." you say. Could you give some detailed explanation about this, why the deposit and withdrawal fees are so high, how will this fee income be used?

Not our article - we don't offer empty promises and unrealistic products

We would like to thank everyone for taking your time by listening to our project.

At this moment our pre-sale is LIVE at link at a token price of $0.03. To create a fair and open liquidity pool Centralex will put 60% of our raised capital into a UniSwap liquidity pool and all our LP token WILL be locked at TrustSwap.

If you want to learn more about our project and want to join our community, please join us in our Telegram group.



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