We just finished our AMA with palette finance

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it’s answer :

Q1: Can you Kindly Introduce yourself and BLUESWAP project to our community?

First of, thank you for this opportunity from myself and on behalf of my team for the partnership and holding this AMA.

We are a team of developers, entrepreneurs, and designers working to make crypto a world a more artistic place.
We've been running blueswap.finance on BSC for almost 3months now and just launched blackswap.finance on Matic yesterday.

I am the lead developer at Blueswap. I have several years of experience as a backend engineer mainly using nodejs/typescript & solidity.

We are trying to be the unique farm that you've never seen both on BSC and Polygon Network :)

Q2:What is the main features of blueswap?

There are layers and special features on blueswap.

Layered farming makes natives token valuable by enabling them to farm new tokens with less inflation.

Also, contract already deployed cannot be changed. So to add new functions or fix something, we should deploy newly developed farms.

Layers are not one-directional flow. Organically connecting them to contribute each other would be the point.

Lockvault is locking color tokens to get other valuable assets like $BUSD. Sketchbox is like opening a lootbox with color tokens. And palette lottery is a lottery you play with colors instead of numbers.

Q3:What is the relationship between blackswap and blueswap?

Blackswap is a matic(polygon Network) chain expansion of blueswap.

You can farm Aurora at blackswap.finance on matic chain. Also, there will be a bridge to move color tokens between Matic and BSC chain.

Through this bridge, users will be able to search for best farms on both chains.

Q3:what’s coming next for blueswap and blackswap?

Blackswap is aiming to be the number one dex of the Matic chain.

With the dex opening and rainbow bridege to transfer assets between the chains , we'll be the first one on matic to integrate BSC with Matic .

With the low gas fee of Matic, for example, dual chain sketchbox will also come.

You can play lootbox game in matic chain with cheap gas fee and get rewarded in both BSC and Matic chain.

This kind of integration is possible.

Q5: You have two systems to reduce the token supply, Paint Bucket and Lock-vault. Can you explain them in a little more detail?

Good question, paint bucket is to reduce inflation by burning the token. During the lottery, 90% of the collected fee will be given as prize and 10% will be burnt.
Through lock-vault, we give valuable assets to the holders by locking up their color tokens. This is to lock up and reduce the circulating supplies of the tokens.

Q6: Can you tell us a little about the migration to Matic? What advantages does this partnership bring to Palette Finance?

It's not migration nor partnership. It's an expansion and integration. We are one of the very first farm on Matic, so we could gain some more attention . And through the simple button on top of blackswap.finance , ppl would come to blueswap.finance to know more about us. Also, wormhole feature and bridge will bring more integrations.

Q7: Understand that dev team intends to create value for each token. How do we know what is the true value of GREEN or PURPLE? What is the incentive to keep them now given the price keeps decreasing?

Each token has unique role of its own. For example, we launched lockvault today and you need $GREEN to use booster to get more share to make staking effective.

Q8: What is your plan to reach out global user? Do you have local Communities for them who don’t understand English well?

Like this AMA, we are reaching out global users . Also when certain amount of users reach and requested, we open up a local TG for them. Hope we could meet more arabic users from now!



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