We just finished our AMA with Aquari

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it’s answer :

Q1: Can you Kindly Introduce yourself and AQUARI project to our community?

Hello! Aquari is a community governed cryptocurrency that aims to combine the Reflection and Passive Yield Farming tokenomics of coins like Safemoon along with the formation of a Non-Profit Organization tasked with the goal restoring all polluted bodies of water on Earth.

My name is Cameron Clarke as you can see on our main website. Before starting Aquari I was just a regular university student finishing my fourth year of study for my degree in Computer Engineering at California State Polytechnic University Pomona. I like many here in Defi was an investor on the side as well. Aquari began approximately 1 month ago when Blackjack and I crossed paths for the first time in our lives.

My name is Maciej Szczygieł, you can find me on our main website too. Im Research and Development Director in Aquari. Before Ive started working on Aquari I was preparing my PhD and running a marketing company. I was DeFi investor like many of you here untill we met with Cameron - what he already mentioned, thats when Aquari idea was born :)

We will go into the specifics of how we met later, but now is the time to explain what Aquari is as a project. To put it quite simply... Aquari aims to become one of the first cryptocurrencies that is able to solve the huge problem of finding a way to back the value of a Cryptocurrency with something that exists and has value in the real physical world.

There have been many projects that have attempted to solve this problem before, but none have found a solution to this problem from the perspective and angle that we have.

Aquari realizes that socioeconomic proceedings can no longer continue this path if we have a future on this planet. The development team at Aquari realizes that the profit motive is the single greatest motivator man has devised. Aquari’s goal as a cryptocurrency is to attach a profit motive to protecting the environment, thus channeling human greed into a force that is beneficial to humanity and nature alike. In Q1 2021, massive speculation occurred in the crypto-sphere allowing hundreds of millions of dollars to flow into projects within weeks. Many of the current projects have no scalable use case, and the most successful ones merely play into human greed and the desire to serve oneself (i.e. yield farming coins such as Safemoon). While most of these coins do manage to donate a portion of their proceeds to good causes, this in of itself is an inefficiency. Many of these tokens have no value themselves other than being
a middleman acting as a wealth transfer medium. Eventually, these coins run their course, and once the proverbial bubble pops, the last people to buy are left sitting on their assets. Conversely, the initial investors enjoy the fruits of the speculation party. Looking at this wild-West environment, the developers at Aquari realized an opportunity to potentially change the world.

Q2: Security is always the top task of projects. But lately, a lot of cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been appropriated by hackers. What security measures does your project have in place to avoid the possibility of being appropriated by hackers?

I think I would be best suited to answer that. Cybersecurity is very important aspect of our project as we are all well aware of risk coming from neglecting that. We obviously cant go into a detail on how exactly we are managing it as it would be a security risk itself, but rest assured we are improving our security after each step of our project continues. I have instructed my team members about potential risks and how to prevent them and I also manage our machines we use to access Aquari assets.

We have currently implemented several important steps in our project and I would say its already very secure, but we are still working on it and making sure our systems are impenetrable.

Q3: Can you share your Revenue and income generating strategies with us? How do you ensure investing in your project is a win win for both the project and we the investors?

The Aquari token is going to be used as a transfer of wealth medium to finance the cleanup of various water bodies performed by the Aquari Environmental Conservation Organization. The Tokenomics play a really important role when discussing how these operations shall be financed. When taking a look at our White-Paper you we have said that Aquari will collect a 3% tax on ALL TRANSACTION VOLUME of the Aquari token. This tax on trades is automatically sent to a donation wallet that is currently imbedded within our smart contract. This donation wallet is accumulating money as we speak and will not be touched by the Developers and I until it is time to create the Aquari Environmental Conservation organization at a later date. We expect this wallet to be worth around 8%-10% of the Aquari token's Market Capitalization.

This in essence means that at the time of creation, the Aquari Environmental Conservation Organization will be worth roughly 10% of the value of the Aquari token.

Along with this the organization will still be able to collect taxes from the transaction volume to have a constant cash flow to finance cleanup operations.

In essence, when you invest in Aquari, it is akin to investing in a traditional company. Similar to how company stock reflects the value of a company. Investing in Aquari Token will reflect the value of the Aquari Environmental Conservation Organization and the value it adds to society through the cleanup of Earth's various water bodies.

Up to date, we know that humanity has a huge demand for a clean planet.

However, up until now there has been no way to attach the profit motive to this demand that humans desire

Because of this there has been no economical solution to date to tackle this huge problem.

We believe that by using the Aquari token as an investment asset and by tying the value of this asset to the value created by cleaning the planet. We hope to finally create a way for the demand of humans to have a clean planet be recognized and fulfilled in a market economy.

We hypothesize that if Aquari is successful in cleaning our first water body. The value of our asset would balloon to immense levels. As the people of earth can finally allocate their money to one place in order to fulfill their demand of desiring a clean planet.

It is in this way that we speculate the price of Aquari to appreciate over time. All of this solely depends on if we can prove to the world that we can successfully finance the cleanup and restoration efforts of our first water body

Once that is complete, everything else falls into place and we believe the price of our token will soar to immense heights as this is scalable.

The more money people pour into the coin means more taxes will be collected to finance these cleanup efforts. The more cleanup efforts that happen.... the more water bodies get cleaned.

therefore attaching a real and tangible value to the planet. : )

Q4: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Yes we take take into account community feedback and demands all the time! This is the main idea that Aquari was founded upon. (Community Governance).

A fun fact is that our name (Aquari) was chosen by a community member!

Our community voted on the name as well!

This can be seen if you scroll up far enough in our Aquari Telegram group's history.

We find that since we're using the money of thousands and potentially millions of investors to finance this project, we thought it to be fit to ensure that the people who govern what our organization shall be the investors themselves.

This is why our main priority this week in our development cycle is to release the Alpha version of "AquariVote" on our website!

This is an interface that will utilize the BSC blockchain to verify and authenticate the votes of our community.

Once the Aquari Organization is founded, every major decision will be subject to an investor vote which will go live on our website. Individuals will be able to connect their Binance Smart Chain wallets on our website interface to make sure that their voices are heard.

Whatever the results from said poll are, will be the course of action the Aquari Organization will take on the particular topic that was voted on.

Q5: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story, problems, difficulties, that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like Aquari?

The majority of the development team did not know each other before the 12th of April. The 12th of April was a special moment for the development team and I. This was because on that date, we were not developers we were just regular Crypto Investors like all of you. On April 12th 2021 the Aquari developers and I fell victim to to every Crypto investors worst nightmare. The project we had invested in called DeFlax at the time was Rug-Pulled.

I personally lost 3 thousand US dollars on that investmnet.and the community at the time which was 800 people strong was devastated.

The development team and I met because the scammers who had scammed us, noticed that we were really good at creating hype for the DeFlax project so they had made us chat moderators in the telegram group.

Once we got scammed, the moderators and I turned to each other to vent our frustration.

We were tired of constantly losing our money to fake projects present on the Binance Smart Chain network.

We jokingly said "If it is that easy for some scammer on the far corner of the earth to create a fake token and run away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the span of 2 days, why don't we create our own token with an actual use-case and deliver our promises and walk away with potentially more money in the process"

The DeFlax developers were notorious for only spending 30 minutes on the chat a day

there was no community interaction yet the price was able to balloon to millions of dollars.

We thought that if we created our own project with a true use case, we could truly make a difference in the world

In that moment we met up in a call and discussed our various strengths and weaknesses

To our surprised we ended up learning that our fellow moderators were good people who were quite educated and full of ambition. We were also amazed to learn that we actually hold all of the resources and technical expertise to successfully launch this business venture.

It was in that moment that we promised to start the Aquari Project (Although it was not called Aquari at the time)

We then notified the DeFlax community and told them about our plans and that if they wanted to have a chance to recover their money and change the world at the same time, to migrate over to a new telegram group called 'DeFlax Refugees"

It was in this chat that the remaining community members and my development team came together to plan and discuss how we were to change the world.

The DeFlax refugees telegram group later evolved into the AquariOfficial Telegram group that you all know today, and all of this history can be seen in the chat logs if you scroll up far enough. I recommended doing this by going through the pinned messages : )

Aquari was formed in protest against useless BSC projects and Rugpulls

Q6: Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

1. We are forming a real Environmental Conservation Organisation - we are not a simple charity coin like many out there, we have real usecase and real organisation thats currently being created backing up our coin value
2. Voting system - I will recap what cameron said as i really believe this is one of our killer features. We are going to allow our community and coin holders to vote on the future of our organisation basically creating first Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Its going to happen using with specialised voting api that allows coin holders to connect to our API and vote!
3. Charity wallet that takes 3% from every transaction - I have never seen other coin having a charity wallet as its added functionality to smart contract and they often only fork safemoon and call it a day. It allows us to grow in sustainable way and become a truly cryptofinanced foundation as we plan our expenses, grow and progress with our main mission of ocean cleanup.

Q7: Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Our project is open to all the people of the world, we wanted to create a system in which people can make money by taking care of our environment. No matter how much money you have Aquari still needs you!

Q8: Due to hack, RUGPULL and SCAM RATE, what mechanism have you set up to overcome ALl this. Do you have AUDIT REPORT ?

We already answered our cybersecurity efforts in an earlier question. Regarding rug-pull my dev team and I full revealed our identities to signal that such a thing would not happen. In the case that we did Rug-Pull you all would have the necessary resources to track us down and seek legal action.

We are currently in talks with Certik for an Audit.

Q9: Does your project supports Local community and what are the plan for awareness of project where english is not spoken?

Yes our community currently supports indepentend Arabic and Dutch branches and we are currently expanding into Chinese market as we have translated our whitepaper into Chinese Manadrin and we were represented on Bejing Crypto Expo (photos above). We have fully grown Arabic community that we are extremaly proud of and our Dutch community is growing extremaly fast too!.

Q10: Is your project a local project or a global project? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Are there any restrictions of using your service?Team members is an Internal part of a project. So, tell us how many team members do you have and how many developers are working for this project?

We are a global project that anyone can access and we are also going to operate worldwide with our Aquari Foundation. We are currently discussing listing with several centralised exchanges that will make investing into our coin much easier and we are also focusing on reaching local communities with the use of influencers and community branches!.

Q11: What sets AQUARI apart from other charity tokens?

It is simple.... Aquari is not a charity token. When you invest into Aquari you are not investing into a coin that simply donates on the side like the current competition. Instead you are making a speculative investment on a future company that mainly generates it's revenue by cleaning earth's water bodies as fast and efficiently as possible.

One of these investments only has value due to hype and marketing, whilst the other gains its value through the physical impact it has on the world. : )

Document Describing Aquari’s Goals



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