We just finished our AMA with Superlion Finance

So here we will put the questions that you maybe want to know it’s answer :

Q1: Can you Kindly Introduce yourselve and SuperLion.finance project to our community?

Hi, we are SuperLion.finance, a next generation yield farm with Auto Emission Reduction, Burning Mechanisms and Referral Program on BSC.

Q2: What really MOTIVATED you to bring such a great PROJECT into existence?

The fact of seeing that many projects were scamming people and that they did things very badly.
The idea was to make a project the best possible, one that we’d put our own money in, without fear .

Q3: At the moment , where you are focusing right now ? building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships ? Could you share it?

We are investing all our profits in marketing, at the work level we are preparing strategies to keep the platform stable as much as possible.

We are focusing on keeping the price stable after launch as well as maintaing the highest possible APR levels. And more surprises! .

Q4: When trying to buy SLION it says price impact is too high , it’s giving me 23% price impact. That’s crazy. any way to lower that?

When there are more SLIONs, that won’t happen.
Now big buys or big sales make the price go up or down, so if you are trying to make a big buy, you are helping SLION go up.
We know that it is an inconvenience, but we already know that we have to do to prevent this from happening in the next project, right from the beginning.
Sorry for any disturbances you may be experiencing. Things are improving as we are getting more liquidity in .

Q5: Can you share us Tokenomics and how much token is reserved for team and how much will be available for public?

100% of the Tokens were available for public purchase at the time of the project launch. It is totally Fair Launch.

You can find more information on our tokenomics in the docs here

Q6: Security is always most important for a users. Can you tell us about your platform security? Have you done any audit via any audit platform?

We have been fully audited by TechRate. So right now our priority is investor safety.
Part of the earnings from the deposit fees will be invested in CertiK to reinforce our security if necessary.

Q7: Can you name your strategic advisors and how many team members you have?

We have a team of 2 developers (with a huge experience in the crypto field), 1 system administrator and 3 group admins. Together, we are trying to make this work for all of you

Q8: Do you have plans of burning and buyback of Your token? how do you want to maintain its price and supply uniformly?

We have a plan to burn 75% of the tokens created, so that the slion price does not suffer inflation, we will also create other forms of burning focused on games and other developments that we will soon reveal.

Q9: Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Our investors will have the right to vote about the emission reduction of our mlion token.

Q10: How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

While our main community channel is the Telegram group we are also active on other social media such as: Twitter and Discord

Q11: a lot of scam projects out there, guess what guarantees that your project is different from them?

We don't have the migration option, we can't do a rugpull or some nonsenses, that's is a huge difference, the other is our values, we want create a big websites holding



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